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Morwenna Rose

Made for the complete beginner, our Morwenna Rose Harp is handmade from high quality aircraft birch plywood. With 27 strings and a medium string tension, this harp is suited to all beginners.

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Morwenna Rose harp

Levered Morwenna Rose

Once you’ve been playing a while, or if you come to the harp with knowledge of other instruments, you may want the flexibility and convenience of levers on your harp.

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Our Deluxe model is for the harpist who is no longer a beginner and wants an instrument that fits with the progression they’ve been making on the instrument. We listened to harpists and harp teachers and our team of luthiers put their passion and experience together to build what we hope you agree is a spectacular harp.

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Ex-rental Harps

We have a selection of pre-loved but still beautifully sounding ex-rental harps.

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