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Morwenna Rose Harp




We are proud to introduce the 27 string Morwenna Rose.  We hand craft these harps in our workshop in Nailsworth out of high quality Birch plywood.  It has a bright, lively tone and a beautiful gloss finish, and it is the result of over 3 years and 100 harps worth of experience.

The soundboard is made from aircraft birch plywood, so called because of it’s use in aeroplanes due to it’s very high strength to weight ratio.  This means that 3mm of wood can bear a high string tension, which in turn makes the notes ring beautifully.  A thinner soundboard resonates better with the strings.

Harp Dimensions

  • Height 100cm
  • Depth 63cm
  • Width 25cm
  • Tuning key included

When you buy one of our harps, the cost includes a lifetime half price subscription to our video lessons (£10 per month instead of £20).

We can fit levers on harps at a price of £15 per lever.  Please contact us if you’re looking to buy a levered harp or add levers to the harp you’ve already got.

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I just adore playing my harp. It has become part of my day and I feel so pleased with myself when I achieve a new piece. Good too, when I can’t sleep, as I will get up and play in the wee small hours – G Turtle

The harp sounds fabulous, looks great and it is a pleasure to play. It can really hold its own against other instruments indoors or out. Have you tried playing one outdoors on a breezy day? – the Aeolian harp effect of the wind blowing the strings was amazing this afternoon when I was playing in the garden – David Jacob

Purchase the Mowenna Rose Harp

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